Showing Off

New York Festival 2008 - Best Music

The “aren’t I wonderful” page. Here's a list of awards…do let me know if you’d like a signed photo.


Six IVCA Golds, two Best Music Awards in the New York Festival, one Gold Camera in the US Film Festival, work on BAFTA winning programmes and a hordes of Silver and Bronze awards…which, quite frankly, clash horribly with the gold taps in the bathroom.

2010 US Film Festival Gold 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets, produced by the Edge
2010 New York Festival - Finalist (music) Andrew Marr’s The Making of Modern Britain
2010 New York Festival - Finalist 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets, produced by the Edge
2010 IVCA Career in Industry Award
2010 IVCA Best Music Silver Serco Metro Dubai Bid, produced by the Edge
2009 IVCA Best Music Bronze Make It Happen for RBS, produced by the Edge
2008 BAFTA for Best Factual Series Andrew Marr’s The History of Modern Britain
2008 New York Festival - Best Music Serco Metro Dubai Bid, produced by the Edge
2007 zip, zilch, nothing miserable failure
2006 BAFTA - Nomination Thomas & Friends Children's TV
2005 New York Festival - Best Music Shapes for Hydro Aluminium, produced by The Edge
2002 New York Festival - Bronze Also for Questions
2003 IVCA Freelancer of the Year
2003 IVCA Best Music - Bronze No pressure, no diamonds for Syngenta. Produced by The Edge
2002 IVCA Best Music - Bronze Questions for Amersham International - Produced by The Edge
2000 Nomination IVCA Best Music Pride for British Airways - Produced by MCA Live
1999 Nomination IVCA Best Music Dangerous Close Up for the Electricity Council - Produced by Hawkshead
1998 IVCA Best Music Combat Stress ‘Irony’ for the Royal Air Force - Produced by Visua Communications
1997 IVCA Best Music You for London Underground Ltd - Produced by The Zoom Production Company
1996 IVCA Best Music The Human Touch for Nat West - Produced by Oriel
1995 US International Film & Video Festival, Silver Screen Award (music) In Birmingham for City of Birmingham - Produced by Spectrum Communications
1994 IVCA Best Music On the Line for London Underground - Produced by World Productions
1993 Nomination IVCA Best Music A Better World for the United Nations - Produced by Upstream
1991 IVCA Best Music New Horizons for Sea Containers - Produced by Upstream
Nomination IVCA Best Music YMTD Show for Esso - Produced by Maritz
1990 IVCA Best Music ITD for the Post Office - Produced by SVC Communications